Chris McNaught, LPC-S

As a counseling supervisor at Northwest Nazarene University, I’ve been able to work with hundreds of counseling interns. Years ago, after completing the required supervision time, Kelly asked to continue the supervision throughout her internship, which demonstrates how committed she was to improving her skills and ensuring her growth as a counselor. She was willing to be vulnerable and genuine in our supervision time together. She was able to celebrate her successes and share her difficulties with clients. I watched how much time she spent, outside of the counseling office, thinking about how best to help her clients. These essential characteristics – commitment, genuineness, and compassion – continue today in her professional identity. Her empathy and compassion as a counselor stand out, even in a field full of compassionate people. I can wholeheartedly recommend Kelly Loy. She will help you explore your world and your issues with compassion and genuineness. She’ll guide through the growth process, walking with you, and supporting you.


Kelly has a calm and open manner. I felt her presence throughout our sessions. She made me feel safe and remained nonjudgmental. She has a thorough understanding of the Internal Family Systems model and used it creatively. I highly recommend her!


Kelly was a life saver!  I was dealing with a lot of grief, she jumped right in and helped me sort out my thoughts and gave me the tools I needed that I still use to this day.  She was kind, caring.  She started out as a counselor, but I left her office feeling like I had just spoken with a dear friend!