For Therapists and other Professionals

Thank you for considering coming to me for your own growth with IFS! I would love to hear how you became aware of this model of psychotherapy and what your hopeful parts want in connecting with IFS and with your Self. When I began learning IFS, I felt fairly isolated here in Idaho compared to colleagues from other states in large cities where many therapists are trained in this model. I look forward to getting to know you and supporting a growing community of IFS professionals in our state and beyond!!

There are two ways I am glad to work with you for professional growth in IFS:


You may want to do work with a strong focus on your own internal system of parts.  If you are in the state of Idaho you may come to me as a client, and we can possibly bill your insurance if that is helpful.  This would be personal IFS therapy for you to heal your parts and grow your Self energy!

IFS Consultation:

You may wish to begin Consultation for IFS, which I am able to offer as an Approved Consultant through IFSI.  I am glad to talk with you about Consultation if you have already completed or are currently engaged in Level 1 IFS training.  If you decide to pursue IFS Consultation with me, I hope you will hear that I like to work collaboratively and will follow what you most need for the cases you present.  After completing your Level 1 IFS Training, you are able count these Consultation hours towards your eventual Certification in IFS.

I look forward to speaking with you if either Individual IFS Therapy or IFS Consultation seem right for you in your journey with IFS!