IFS Institute

The IFS Institute site has all things IFS!  Here is the link: https://ifs-institute.com/

Many links to IFS podcasts are available here: https://ifs-institute.com/resources/podcasts-and-teleconferences

You can read articles about IFS here: https://ifs-institute.com/resources/articles

At the IFS Institute site, you also can find contact information for a trained IFS therapist or practitioner, learn about what is required for IFS Certification, see where IFS trainings and conferences are being held, and you can find books and resources in the IFS store.  (Often the books in the IFS store are less expensive than other places online, so it is worth comparing!)

Research into IFS is ongoing.  If you want to read the original research study showing evidence for the effectiveness of IFS, the link is on the IFS site Resources and is also here:  https://www.jrheum.org/content/jrheum/early/2013/08/10/jrheum.121465.full.pdf

Introductory video about IFS

IFS Videos

You can search YouTube for all kinds of IFS videos and many are worthwhile! Look for Richard Schwartz and the IFS Institute, Frank Anderson, Cece Sykes, and other experienced IFS therapists presenting.

The IFS Institute has posted several Community Webinars during the pandemic to help our communities, you can find them here:



Richard Schwartz has given many interviews about IFS.  Here are a few you may like:

There are other podcasts specific to IFS, here are a couple:

In addition, you can search for podcasts given by other experienced IFS therapists and practitioners, such as this one focusing on IFS and sobriety from addictions:  https://positivesobriety.podbean.com/e/episode-50-%e2%80%a2-explaining-internal-family-systems-with-cece-sykes/


Again, I would suggest that you look at the IFS Institute page and look at the IFS Store for books, there are so many! The books I like to recommend most often are both written by Dick Schwartz:

Introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model, by Richard Schwartz, found here:

You are the One You’ve been Waiting For, by Richard Schwartz, found here:

For Christians curious about the synchronicity of Christian theology with IFS, Rev. Mary Steege’s book is very enjoyable:

The Spirit-Led Life, by Mary Steege, found here:

And for a tiny book with lots of nice IFS wisdom, you might enjoy this:

The Little Book of Self Leadership, by Dave Williams, found here: