Pre-marital, Marriage

Are you thinking about getting married? Are you wanting to do a “tune-up” for an existing marriage? Congratulations, either way! Seeking pre-marital or marriage counseling tells me you are wise and brave! You might also be practical, because taking care of needed conversations goes a long way for a fulfilling relationship.

I have been a Facilitator of Prepare-Enrich inventories for more than a decade. I like the Prepare-Enrich tools because they will give us a summary report that shows areas where you are on the same page and areas where you may need some support. Prepare-Enrich reviews many areas of your relationship, including communication and conflict, finances, personality differences, sex and affection, spiritual beliefs, and more. This information can be the focus of my sessions with you, or a jumping off point for focused attention to a particular area of concern. We might also use IFS to help you learn what parts of you get stuck at times when you experience some disconnection, to gain skills for expressing what you really need and to help you communicate more openly from your loving heart.

Occasionally I am asked to preside at a wedding, being an ordained minister. If you are thinking about that, please let me know and we can decide if that is the right option or if I can help you get connected with a local church and pastor.